Train body designed and 3d printed in resin.

At Corydon Customs we are able to design and create 3D parts for your next project. We have extensive experience in concepting, designing, producing, and installing 3D parts for any project.

Engineering drawing for pontoons for Komatsu diecast.
Komatsu diecast with 3D printed pontoons and working metal 3D printed tracks.

We work with our clients to create exactly what they need for their projects. After speaking to the client we will provide renders and line plans for the 3D parts. Once the design is approved we then created detailed engineering drawings for final approval. Then the parts are 3D printed and we will install them, along with any other custom paint, graphics, and packaging.

Mazda race car with full body custom wrap, 3D printed spoiler, and 3D printed racing frame.

To speak directly with a Corydon Customs representative contact:

Cory Johnson