M&M Disposal

M&M Disposal approached us with a new project. They wanted to create replicas of the waste disposal trucks used in their business.
After an exhaustive search we determined that there were no preexisting die casts on the market that would fit their unique needs. We did however find a model that could be modified to match with some design work from our team.
We used the above die cast as a starting point. We removed the cab from the frame and added to a longer wheelbase frame. We also removed the top cowl and sleeper and replaced them with a 3D printed piece.
Next was the garbage hauler for the back. Again there was nothing on the market that came to close to the original. Our designers stepped in again and created a very accurate, and detailed, hauler that was 3D printed and placed on the back of the tractor.
Finally came the finishing touches that really made the model come to life. Everything was hand painted to match. Custom graphics were created and applied to match the branding and details of the original vehicle.

We work with our clients to create exactly what they need for their projects. After speaking to the client we will provide renders and line plans for the 3D parts. Once the design is approved we then created detailed engineering drawings for final approval. Then the parts are 3D printed and we will install them, along with any other custom paint, graphics, and packaging.

To speak directly with a Corydon Customs representative contact:

Cory Johnson