Custom Painted AZ State Trooper Diecast with 3D printed interior computer screen.

At Corydon Customs we are able to help recreate police, fire, and rescue vehicles that match their real life counter parts.

Nassau County Sheriff Tahoe
Lockhart Fire Department Original Engine

We start the process by getting photos of the vehicles we are going to recreate. We will create virtual images that match the design of the vehicle along with custom box designs.

Explorer Virtual Mock-Up
Personalized Box Virtual Mock-Up

We then have the client fill out our custom order form detailing the vehicle make, color scheme, badging, and office information. We then use that to create custom vehicles that match each persons vehicle and information. We even have the ability to modify vehicles by adding custom 3D printed parts such as custom light bars or brush guards.

Finished Ford Interceptor SUV
Personalized Box With Officer Rank, Name, and Badge Number

To speak directly with a Corydon Customs representative contact:

Cory Johnson